About Us

Jewellery is made by the countless hours devoted, from mining the beautiful stones buried inside and then making it alive by polishing it , to  shaping the glittering yellow metal, to hours spend on designing and then finally making a MASTERPIECE keeping in mind that not only your jewellery will be enjoyed by you and but also your upcoming generations. Not only diamonds are women best friend but parents also consider it as the most valuable asset which they can give to their children which will appreciate within time to time and will pass on generations after generations.

With more than 30 years experience in diamond trade Bharat Chopra, Supriya Chopra and Karan Chopra who is a GIA graduate certified gemologist have been designing fine and floral jewellery one of its kind keeping in mind customers want for uniqueness and style for not only customers in Kolkata but also pan India. Our diamond carries wholesale rate and we specialize in designing jewellery which is challenging and very critical.