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Price of a diamond depend on 4Cs i.e Colour ,Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.

Color Grade

D-G is often white from the table and bottom
H-J is white from the table yellow from bottom
K-M is yellowish from table and from bottom
N-Z is intense yellow from table and bottom

Cut Grade

EX- Excellent Cut (gives the best lustre and shine)
VG- Very Good cut (Shining is little low than ex cut)
G,F- Good cut or fair cut (stone may develop a circleif depth is low or it may look black at centre if thedepth is high than the range, shining is poor and so it attracts less price)

Clarity Grade

IF- Internally flawless (Clean without any inclusion)
VVS- Very Very Slight Inclusion (small point)
VS- Very Slight Inclusion (small feather or bubble)
SI- Slight Inclusion (visible feather or crystal)
I- Included (impurities can be seen with naked eye)
The more we go down in clarity the value reduces

Carat weight

The final factor to determine the price of a diamond is carat weight. When you decide the colour,clarity cut, then you have to decide the weight of the diamond.
Diamond price is determined in Rs. per ct. and then multiplied with the weight and it changes proportionately with the increase in size of the diamond.


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